Narendra Modi- in surveys

Mood of the Nation Surveys (Lokniti, Programme for Comparative Democracy)

The Lokniti-CSDS-ABP News Mood of the Nation surveys show Mr.Narendra Modi’s decreasing popularity. From a fairly comfortable position in May 2017, Mr.Modi and his government have been subject to an ascendent anti-incumbency sentiment. The people are increasingly dissatisfied with the Modi government’s performance, increasingly believe that Acche Din have not arrived, Vikas (development) has been absent or for the few instead of the many. The opposition has gained a lot of ground in terms of popularity with Rahul Gandhi’s popularity increasing with passing time just as Narendra Modi’s popularity declines. Even though Modi still remains the most favoured to become the next prime minister among his rivals, his hold is slowly and steadily decreasing. These could be because of rural distress, rising fuel prices, falling rupee, unorganised implementation of the GST bill, demonetisation, law and order failures, Rafalegate and the huge costs of building the Patel statue. The state election in late 2018 would be highly indicative of the staying power of the Modi wave. This is primarily because in all the three states going to the polls, Modi’s popularity remains high. It remains to be seen whether that converts into votes for the BJP.

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